Welcome to Mozambique

On behalf of MenEngage Africa, Rede HOPEM and the Eduardo Mondlane University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences welcome you to Maputo, the capital of the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.
Known as the City of Acacias because of the red and yellow acacia trees that line its main avenues, Maputo boasts a richly diverse architecture that make for stunning poster cards. It has a beautiful seaside from which early risers can watch the sun rise and one can chill out at sunset. The restaurants offer a diversity of dishes, including delicious seafood. Tourist attractions are plenty and its people are very friendly and cosmopolitan.
Certainly, you’ll feel better than at your own home and want to live the experience again. As such, we welcome you to participate in the most important MenEngage Africa event, the Maputo Symposium. Please, find below some logistical information to help you in preparing you for what promises to be a memorable symposium experience!

Symposium Venue
Complexo Pedagógico
Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) Campus.
Av. Julius Nyerere – Campus Universitário
P. O. Box 254
Maputo City – Mozambique

Maputo offers a wide range of housing options. Visitors can choose from houses, condos, different levels of hotels, boarding houses, guest houses that best meet travelers’ conveniences. Some options can be checked at this link https://maps.prodafrica.com/places/mozambique-1/maputo-city/maputo/government-2/mozambique-tourism-bureau-maputo-mozambique/
The Symposium secretariat will soon provide more information on accommodation at negotiated rates.

Kindly note that your registration fee does not include any meals. Meals will be provided through a food court system including a variety of African and non-African food options. Participants will purchase the meals on their own.


Special bus lines will be made available from the city center to the Eduardo Mondlane University Campus. More information on the bus lines schedule will be provided later.

Internet Connection
Free wireless will be available throughout the Symposium Venue.

Portuguese, English and French are the official languages of the Maputo Symposium. Simultaneous translations and interpretations of the program sessions will be provided in the 3 languages.

Dress Code
Participants are free to wear whatever makes them comfortable. However, the use of African traditional outfits is encouraged and may be highly appreciated. The Maputo symposium is an opportunity for participants to showcase the beauty of their cultures.

Mozambique visa requirements

All participants, including speakers, except those from South Africa, Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe citizens, arriving from outside Mozambique, must apply for a visa to enter the country. Visas to Mozambique can be applied for upon arrival at the Maputo International Airport. However, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for visas at their nearest consular service. For more information concerning Visas to Mozambique, please check the following link: http://www.minec.gov.mz/index.php/viagens-e-negocios/vistos-de-entrada.

The Symposium Secretariat provides invitation letters to support your application. Please download it on this link XXXXXXXXX.PreSignedInvttnLetter@MaputoSymposium2018.org.mz

Health recommendations

Malaria is an endemic disease in Mozambique. Therefore, participants are advised to take precautions including visiting a doctor to get advise prior to travelling to Maputo. The following links can also be useful for more information https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/diseases/malaria, http://www.aeroportos.co.mz/por/Informacoes-Uteis

While there is no risk of yellow fever in the country, the government of Mozambique
requires proof of yellow fever vaccination usually if you are arriving from a yellow fever.
You can visit this link https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/diseases/yellow-fever to get more

Currency exchange
Exchange centers are available at the Airport and all-around Maputo City as well as ATM machines. See more in: http://www.bancomoc.mz/fm_MercadosMMI.aspx?id=10 .

Commonly used voltage in Mozambique is 220 V with type C socket/outlet.

Symposium voltage


About Registration

Welcome! We are eager to receive your registration and to confirm your participation at the end of the registration process.

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About the Maputo Symposium

About Symposium

The Maputo Symposium is a MenEngage Africa event which will bring together up to a thousand participants, among whom academics ...

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