The Maputo Symposium Committee extends you its greetings and a warm welcome to the 2nd MenEngage Africa Symposium, which will be held in Maputo, Mozambique, from 23 to 27 April 2018.

The Symposium overarching objective is to foster partnerships between governments, civil society actors, academics, researchers, donors and the larger public in order to attain gender justice and human rights in the continent.

This form is divided into three sections – Delegate, Abstract and Special Sessions,.

Please fill in the relevant parts with authentic and correct particulars. Please note that the same data will be used for Visa application and other travel documents, if required.

• Answers for questions having an asterisk (*) are mandatory

Part 1: Delegation Form
Part 2: Abstract Form
Part 3: Special Sessions Form

For those interested on applying for submitting Poster, or acting as Exhibitor and Service Provider, please contact Symposium Secretariat: