The Maputo Symposium is a vibrant five-day event. The event programme is made to cater for both well experienced and beginners in the work with men and boys within the academia, civil society or public sector. Prominent speakers and experts on the field will be straddling the panels. Getting to know the approaches used in social norms transformation in different countries by widely recognized organizations, on the tracks of the symposium, across the continent is one of the programme highlights.

Therefore, the Symposium offers a unique opportunity for organizations wishing to showcase the impact of their interventions. Quality and up to date research in the field of gender, masculinities and development will also be showcased. Hence these sessions will afford participants to share evidence and experiences, as well as a platform for meaningful conversations on wide-ranging issues relevant to their field of work.

Workshops will also be held to tackle a variety of issues, including political dialogue with various African governments policy makers, as well as among the civil society organisations. The workshops are an important platform for skills building. Participants will have formal and informal opportunities to network and discuss their work with each other.

The list of symposium activities includes the following:

Plenary sessions– where specially invited speakers, generally high-ranking individuals in the continent, share their ideas and conceptions on the themes of symposium.

Special sessions– where the impact organizations’s work shall be presented. The panels will be pre-established by organisers or through submission of proposals.

Abstract sessions–which shall be composed out of abstracts selected from submitted proposals.

Poster Exhibition – Featuring poster-based oral presentations.

Workshops – Discussions with facilitators making brief presentations, and the participants given time for questions.

Exhibition booths – Organisations showcase their work using IEC materials.

Screening of documentary and films – Selection of films from African docudrama and film makers screened throughout the Symposium and accompanied by discussions.

Youth and LGBTIQA fora – Youth and LGBTIQA activists discuss on Symposium theme which affect their population groups.

Cultural Programme – Concert highlighting Symposium’s theme with singers drawn from across Africa and beyond.

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